Silver Conchos & Pendants
Scroll w/ zig zag border
Scroll w/ leaflet border
Flower w/ leaflet border                                                 Heart Scroll                                                   Just Flowers
Flowers w/ leaflet border
Star Flower w/ leaflet border
Original Casted and Hand engraved concho, by Ivy...
Cross $55.00
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No templates are used to make the conchos, so there will be small differences in each piece.
Have a picture made
into a pedant
IM Silver King
Horsehair Concho Pendant,
available with a scroll or
a flower or initial   
Horsehair Jewelry by IM Silver
NEW!  Double Concho , a 1" concho and 1 1/2"
Please Note:  The pictures below are examples of Concho that I have engraved in the past. I offer 4 of my original designs casted. All other Conchos are hand engraved, no
templates are used. Custom engraving welcomed. Conchos may vary.  All designs Copyright IM Silver.
IM Silver Conchos are available in 4 sizes
1/2"    $25
1"       $4
1 1/2" $6
2"       $8
Special engraving is available, including the names and dates.  Special letter engraving is $1.00 per line.
Please contact with any questions.
IM Silver Horse
IM Horse $65.00
IM Silver Pendant Turquiose inlay
IM Silver Pendant Turquiose inlay
IM Silver Pendant Turquiose inlay
IM Silver Lucky Horsehoe
Lucky Horseshoe
IM Silver Double End Horsehair Pendant
Horsehair Double End
Small  $25.00
Large $35.00
The following pendants are hand cut and hand engraved with turquoise OR Horsehair two are the same and are available by order only.
IM Silver Pendant Turquiose inlay
IM Silver Pendant Horsehair inlay
IM Silver Pendant Horsehair inlay
Scroll Concho
Zig Zag
Flower Leaflet
Star Flower
IM Silver Double Concho
All designs Copyright IM Silver
Horsehair Resin Pendant
IM Silver
IM Silver Engraved Cross