There are many ways that a piece of silver, nickel, copper or brass can be cleaned.  I use a Sunshine Cloth, which I sell to my clients (Please See the above).  
Be caution when using silver cleaners.  Only clean the surface on the IM Silver piece.  You can clean out the cuts and then your engraved piece will not have the depth it once did.
Brass and silver can also be cleaned with toothpaste.  Rub toothpaste onto the piece and with your fingers, rinse and wipe dry with a cloth.
Copper can be cleaned in a bowl with lemon juice and a few grains of salt.  Rinse and dry with a cloth.
Another way to help provide tarnish is remove the oil found in our finger prints.  This is one thing that speeds up the tarnish process.  
I wear my horsehair necklace all the time, so do not worry about damage with continuous wear.  The oils from your skin will keep the hair from drying out.  Not wearing the horsehair will
dry out the hair and that is when breakage starts to happen.  Wash the horsehair with a mild shampoo.  Do it in the shower when you wash your hair.  If the piece gets really dirty, soak in
a mild shampoo or dish soap. After soaking for a while rub the hair gently to remove or dislodge any dirt and grim. After the piece is clean, rinse with a mild conditioner to add some

If your  horsehair jewelry has a silver pendants or conchos.  Remove the silver from the piece and use a silver jewelry cleaner to remove tarnish.   
The piece will be stiff at first, but if you get the piece wet you can shape it.  For example, if you received a necklace, the best way to shape your necklace is to put it on and take a
shower.  After the necklace is soaked. Shape the necklace around your neck by slightly twisting.  Once you obtain the fit and shape that you want leave the necklace on your body to
dry.  It will hold the shape, you may repeat the processes if you do not like the shape or the necklace did not hold the shape.  
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Care and Shaping
Caring for your horsehair piece
Shaping your horsehair piece
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