I recently lost my precious horse of 20 years.  I was devastated when I lost Hammer and
Ivy gave me an opportunity to honor my horse's memory by building beautiful pieces of
jewelry to remember him.  I purchase a necklace as well as a bracelet.  It is the most
comfortable pieces of jewelry I have ever owned.  In addition to comfort, it is a stunning
tribute to my handsome boy and I feel as if I always have him with me.  Each piece of
jewelry is well  constructed and fits even better with continual wear.  Ivy was so patient
while working with me through the tough time of Hammer's passing.  Not only is she a
skilled artist, she is a kind and caring person as well.

Thank you Ivy for all you have done for me!
Jodi Frederick
IM Silver Referrals
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On June 2, 2008 I had to put my best friend, King, to sleep due to twisting from colic.  King was 23 yrs old and I was there when he was born and I
was there when he passed.  It truly was the hardest thing I’I've ever had to do and I am still in a very numb state.  Ivy helped me to honor my big boy
by making some wonderful pieces of jewelry and other items from King’s mane and tail.  It was very difficult for me to meet with Ivy, but she really
took her time with me and was so patient.  She truly respects you and your horse.  I had some ideas in mind for a couple things that she had never
attempted before.  She was excited to try out my ideas and much to my delight, they all turned out absolutely incredible.  I’I've showed all my friends
what Ivy has created for me and like me, we cannot believe the exceptional and professional work she’s done on these intricate works of art.  I feel
fortunate that I at least have a part of King with me and close.  I will forever be indebted to Ivy for all she has done to help me through this horrible
grieving process and I plan to also have a Christmas gift made for one of my girlfriends of her horse’s tail and  have some more jewelry made with
my other horse’s tail.  Once you see Ivy’s work, you just want to work with her to create more and more.  Thank You Ivy for all that you do for us
horse owners to help us pay tribute to our beloved horses.

Sue Oberly
Gunnison, CO
While meandering a street fair in Crested Butte, CO this past August, I had the fortunate experience of
meeting Ivy.  I was immediately taken with Ivy & her talents of creating such beautiful & unique horse hair
jewelry.  Having never seen anything like this before, I could not wait to get home to GA in order to trim
some of my Bossy girl's tail to send her straight away.  If only I had known then how special Ivy would
soon become.  This past October my girl became very sick & spent 4 incredible weeks fighting with all
her might to survive, we believed we were on the mend.  Much to my great sadness it turned out to be
too much for Bossy & we had to put her to sleep November 12, 08.  With her went a very important piece
of my heart.  As one of life's coincidences would have it, my necklace was ready and Ivy called the very
day I had to put Bossy to sleep.  Ivy was warm, compassionate & shared some good thoughts with me &
it lifted my spirits to know my finished piece was on its' way.  My necklace arrived 2 days later & I love it!  
It keeps a piece of Bossy close to me, in honor of her.  The workmanship is absolutely beautiful, &
people notice, I have been asked about it so many times in just a week.  I happily share Ivy's information
with my horse loving comrades.

Nichole Rea
KrysilAlpharetta, GA
Hi Ivy,
I received my bracelets and key chain and I am so pleased with how they turned out. They are exactly what I
wanted.  You did a wonderful job...thank you so much.  You were prompt in getting them made and shipped to
me and I appreciate that.  Thank you again...

Hi Ivy,   
My name is Cindy Canfield my friend Sue Oberly had you make me a horsehair necklace out of hair from Prince my horse.  I got
it today and just love it!You do such Beautiful work!  I'm going to show it to my friends who have horse also and maybe you'll get
more work from Pennsylvania.  Just wanted to let you know how pleased with the necklace I am.  And to Thank You!  

Cindy Canfield
When our grand old horse, Ivan, died I wanted to have something special to
remember him by.  A friend suggested that I have some jewelry made from his
tail.  I did some research on line and really liked what I saw on Ivy's web site.
When I contacted Ivy I found her to be friendly and helpful.  Within a couple
weeks of sending Ivan's hair to Ivy we had our lovely pieces.  The jewelry is
well crafted and truly beautiful.  The best part is, as Ivy explained, the pieces
are sturdy and durable and meant to be used and worn.   Ivy was a delight to
work with.

Gina Post
Chicago, IL
IM Silver Ivan
IM Silver Ivan
IM Silver Ivan
IM Silver King
Hi Ivy,
I just wanted to say “Thank You so much” for the lovely picture pendant you crafted for
me of my Dear boy King.  We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of King’s
passing… very hard again… but having this beautiful picture of him draped around my
neck on his horsetail necklace brings me much comfort.  I still miss him terribly, you know
that, and your consideration was once again deeply appreciated.  And I still wear his
horsetail bracelet you made for me a year ago… never take it off… he’s always with me.  
Thank you again for everything.

Sue Oberly
Horsehair Jewelry by IM Silver
My sister and I had the pleasure of learning to ride on Mozel Tov.  Mozel was kind and safe, but knew how to challenge us when
needed; he taught us and many riders before, to be real riders.  You could find Mozel being ridden, in our back lawn, out on the trail,
or winning in the show ring.  Mozel was so trustworthy, that when my sister was just two, she could brush him, sit on him bare-back,
and hold him by herself.  Being able to create jewelry out of his beautiful hair seems like the perfect way to honor Mozel and keep
him with us; he lived a long and happy life.  Ivy has been very easy to work with, and has had several good ideas as to what we might
like.  I am very pleased with how the bracelet turned out and cannot wait to give it to our Mother for Christmas; this will truly be a
special and memorable gift.
Clara Hall  
Mozel Tov
Mozel Tov
My horse, Mango, was my best friend.  He was little guy, but his heart and personality more than tripled his body size.  There was nothing in the world
that my horse wouldn't do for me, and when we sadly had to put him down, I wanted to be able
to honor him.  I decided I wanted to do this by having a necklace made from his tail.
I found several websites offering these types of services, but when I saw Ivy's website and read her personal
write-up, I knew I wanted her to make my necklace.  Just like her website suggests, you can tell that Ivy is a
wonderful person and loves horses.  She does this because this is her passion, not just some business.  Her
love for horses really comes out in her work.  The necklace she made me was absolutely gorgeous, and I can't
help but smile every time I put it on.  I love it.
Ivy was great to work with-sweet, willing, and very timely.  I felt like I sent my order to her, and in a very
short amount of time, I had my necklace.  If you have a passion for horses, want to honor an amazing horse,
like I did, or just want a creative, quality piece of handmade jewelry accompanied by great service, I would
certainly recommend Ivy to
-Emily Morelli
Mango & Emily
Our Arabian mare, Aziza Star, was more than just a part of our family - she was our world.  In addition to being a Champion
Western Pleasure, Sidesaddle and Native Costume show horse, she was designated the 2007 official Arabian Horse Association
Ambassador, for her lifetime of work in the show ring, representing the Arabian breed, and working with handicapped, abused
and disabled people.  Her trademark white socks led us to parks, churches, camps and even the premier of Disney's "The
Young Black Stallion."  To lose her was to lose a world that she escorted us though, a world that would not have existed without
Aziza Star
Aziza Star
We are so pleased with your jewelry; it really bridges the gap. Now we have
something from Z that we can wear and enjoy everyday.  It is so much better than
just having a piece of her hair tucked in a drawer somewhere. We simply cannot
thank you enough. The three piece necklace is not only beautiful, but is also
comfortable to wear, always lays in the right spot and never rotates. The wide
weave necklace is stunning; it's flawless and more beautiful than I imagined.

Your jewelry is an incredible tribute and a lasting, tangible legacy for our most
beloved horse.  We will cherish the jewelry forever.

Thank you so much,
Laura and Lori Woodruff
Aziza Star Arabian
Aziza Star
Hi Ivy-
The necklace is exquisite!!!  It is so refined and elegant.  I LOVE IT!! I have wanted a horse all my life.  My
Dad passed away in 2002 and I couldn't seem to let go.  A friend was starting  a "ladies group" to ride/take
lessons every Friday.  She asked me if I was interested, I was trying to think of a fib to say no and my
husband said, (she'll be there).  I was afraid, had not done much riding in my life and had a scare a couple
of years earlier.  I ended up going and this is where I met Blackfoot.  I loved him after my first ride.  During
two wonderful Summers, we rode every Friday.
In the Spring of 2004, the friend decided she was selling Blackfoot.  I knew there was no
way I could buy him.  Never say Never!! The rest is history years old and finally got my
horse!!  I truly believe my Dad sent him. For years I have been looking different places to have a necklace
made out of his tail.   Nothing looked right.  Until I saw your work. I wasn't planning on ordering the concho
horsehair pendant, but I thought what the heck, might as well get the whole package.  So glad I did.  It is a
very unique necklace.  Can't believe you hand engrave your conchos, that makes it even more unique and
personal. I can enjoy my necklace and my horse at the same time.

Thanks for your beautiful work-Nancy
Blackfoot & Nancy
I had a beautiful necklace made a year ago by Ivy for a very special horse
I lost, and I loved it so much that I wanted to have one made for a close
friend so that she, too, could have something so meaningful to remember
her horse by.  The second necklace lived up to every expectation I had
from the first-it was gorgeous, and Ivy was so great to work with.  My
friend cried when I gave it to her, and she has been raving about it and
wearing it ever since.  Thank you, Ivy, for making us such beautiful

Thanks again for everything!,
This past spring I lost my "once in a life time" barrel mare, Boundary, to colic. My husband knew how much she meant to me so before he berried
her, he cut some tail hair for me. I had no idea what to do with the hair when a friend told me about Ivy.  My mare put her whole heart into her job so
I knew after speaking with Ivy she was the right person to work with the only think I had left of my great mare. Ivy made me two beautiful bracelets.  
One for myself and one for a young girl that loved my mare almost as much as I did.  Her workmanship was superb and she is obviously a
perfectionist, but more important to me was her compassion and ability to understand and honor Boundary's memory.  Ivy took her time to discuss
all my options to insure my bracelets would be exactly what I wanted.  There was nothing my mare loved more than to load into the trailer and go
make a run and when she didn't get to she would grind her teeth in frustration.  Now, thanks to Ivy, my friend and I should be able to hit enough
barrel races with our bracelets to keep even Boundary happy.
Thank you Ivy,
Dear Ivy,
My husband, Clark, ordered a necklace, bracelet and key chain as a surprise for me for Christmas. How utterly
touched I was to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. It made me cry with tears of joy. You truly have a
gift in the beautiful workmanship of your creations. Clark could not have chosen more perfectly according to
what I would have chosen. I love the concho pendant which also spotlights her chestnut color, given her tail
was mainly black.  Molly (SA Gold Satin) was my beloved 24-year-old Arabian mare with whom we shared 15
years, and who I lost on August 21, 2010. It was love at first ride. We spent many lovely days together, most in
an arena, some at dressage shows, some on trail rides with friends, some giving rides to children, some just
loving on each other. She had a sweet and willing disposition, the quality of which made her worth her weight in
gold, and then some. She was a horse by breed, but a pony by size, standing 14 hands, with typical Arabian huge
gorgeous eyes.  I feel so blessed we were together so long. The gift of her life in my life has touched me positively and
unforgettably. I continually thank the Lord for her.  She has been celebrated with a star registered in her name within
the Pegasus Constellation and a personalize postage stamp. The jewelry made by you, however, is a
more tangible gift that keeps her close with me.
I am sorry I haven’t written before now. I find myself emotional still. Your story about not riding after your loss of
Brownie resonates with me. For me, it is about a relationship.

Thank you,
Leesa & Molly

Words can hardly express my heartfelt gratitude for the beautiful memento you made for me after the loss of my horse "EC's Too Busy Dancin".  The bracelet
and earrings are stunning, and all my friends, both 'horsey' and 'non-horsey' alike have been amazed with the quality and perfection of your work. Your
communication with me was more than prompt and the kindness and compassion you showed me was wonderful.  Your customer service was over and above

A little about Busy: Busy was born May 26, 2002 on the Appaloosa breeding farm where I board. The day he was born, I took one look at him and said "I WANT
THAT COLT!" He was actually born a dark bay with a VERY large blanket with huge spots (and turned into a VERY loud leopard as he got older). I was lucky
enough to convince the barn owner to sell him to me, and purchased him as a weanling. Busy was a very quirky horse: very bright, and un fazed by anything. I
even tied balloons to his halter one day as part of his 'de-spooking' training! He walked calmly by my side, the brightly colored balloons bouncing merrily by his
head. He used to put his two front feet on top of the automatic waterer in his stall so he could peer over the top of the stall and look around. He was adept at
undoing his stall latch and letting himself out to wander around (earning a special lock on his stall). He could untie himself, but never went too far. He lived up to
his name: he was always "Busy" getting into something!

I was so excited to ride him I started him gently before he was 2, and with less than 30 days training on him (and somewhere around his 2nd birthday), took him
to a large Appaloosa show at our IL State Fairgrounds. Busy tried his very best and we took many ribbons in Trail, Western Pleasure, Most Colorful and Halter.  
People kept telling me what a nice 3 year old he was, then looked at me in shock when I explained he was only 2, and still 'green' broke.
I have many wonderful memories with Busy - like the time we rode down to a motorcycle rally to check out the bikes, riding into
town for a some drinks at the local watering holes, going horse camping together, and countless trail rides. Busy was a
comfortable, willing, unflappable mount, and everyone who ever met him fell in love with his inquisitive and friendly

Busy fell sick suddenly and colicked a couple of days before I made the painful decision to end his suffering on October 10,
2010 after every measure had been made to save him. He  had "twisted a gut" and performing surgery gave no guarantee for
survival. He was buried on the same farm he was born, next to his mother, who passed on previously that year of a broken leg.
Busy was a 'broom tail' Appi, which means his tail was minimal at best. I am so impressed that you were able to take the little
bit I was able to salvage and make me these gorgeous pieces. Thank you again for your concern, professionalism,
communication and amazing craftsmanship! I cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone who would enjoy a forever
reminder of his or her wonderful companion.

Regards and Many Thanks,
Holly A. Idec
Hi Ivy

I recently received a lovely bracelet that you made for me (ordered by a very
close friend of mine).   He nervously had me close my eyes, and as soon as I
laid eyes upon the bracelet, I choked back the tears.  I knew immediately what
it was, and that it contained the hair of two very special geldings.   My grey is
an 8 year old draft cross who I bought as four year old with only a dozen rides
on his back.  Needless to say he was green and I was an adult amateur
getting back into riding.  We had a few bumps along the way, but three years
later we got it figured out and became great team mates.   This gelding was
the  " other man "  in my marriage, and my husband did not always understand  
my  need to be with the horses 6 days per week.  Over time, my riding became
a friction point in our marriage and I struggled to explain to my husband the importance of horses in my life.  I simply could not breath without
them.  My daughter had outgrown her pony we had been leasing and was in need of a horse.  It was time to hand  my beautiful  gelding  
over to her (our plan all along).  It was agonizing for me and most days had me in tears, but my husband refused to own two horses so my
hands were tied.  

In the winter of 2009, my husband started to feel ill, and a few months later, we were reeling with the news that he was in stage 4 colon
cancer, with a grim prognosis.  He started an aggressive regime of chemo in March of 2010, and it was a rough go on both of us.  My
husband knew he did not have a lot of time left.  He also knew that I was struggling with all of this and did not have my usual form of therapy
without a horse to ride.  He spoke with my coach and asked if we could find that special horse for me that would give me strength.  After
looking locally and in neighboring provinces, she took a shot in the dark and phoned a local pro to see if he had anything.  He was willing to
sell his personal grand prix horse as he had bills to pay and a lot of young horses to bring along.  We were greeted with a stunning  8 year
old dark bay KWPN gelding  with the most beautiful spirit and mind I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  I came home, my husband
took one look at me and said "this is the one right"?    Tears flowed and a week later, we brought him home to our stables.   My husband  
passed away  two months later, and I still can see his smiling face as he walked into the barn to see me and my new boy.   My husband's gift
was selfless and because of his actions, this horse has a place in my heart that no other horse will ever come close to.

Why am I writing this to you?   Well, as I write this, I look at the bracelet on my arm and so many emotions wash over me.  I want you to know
that your bracelets evoke such meaning and spirit to many people like myself, and I want to thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of
Chester & Verdi
I contacted Ivy by just looking on the Internet for horsehair belts.  I loved
what I saw and asked her to design a belt for my guy for a wedding gift.  Not
only did she work with me for ideas I had for extra tooling of the leather, but
she kept in constant contact with me about receiving the horsehair I mailed
and her every progress.  I loved the belt so much when I received it, that I
ordered a buckle as well-and all of these 2 items were done under the gun
because I didn't give her much notice but Ivy was super.  I would
recommend her work to any all who cherish a unique, personalized gift.   
Cathie O.R in Ohio
Don's Buckle
Foxy came to me as a 7 year old full of spit and vinegar and left me at 28 a gentle spirit.  I thought I
would teach him a thing or two but to my surprise he taught me a lot more.  He taught me that
patient, kindness, and consistency go a long way.  The biggest lesson he taught me was his trust
would be given in small increments until he decided I was worthy of his full trust.  Foxy gave me
hundreds of hours of trail rides as well as friendship.  Even at 28 years old he was still so flexible he
would starch his ear with his back left like a dog.  He loved eating bananas and watermelon and he
especially loved getting baths on our notorious humid Maryland summers .  Foxy drifted off to
horsey heaven on September 26, 2009 after a horrible bout of colic.  Almost two year later I was
vacationing in Gunnison, Colorado where I came across Ivy and her horse hair jewelry.  Ivy does
beautiful detailed work.  It is obvious she puts her heart and soul into her work to help people like
myself have a forever piece of such a wonderful four legged friend to carry with me always.

Thank you for sharing your talent,

Baillar joined my family as a scared abused and neglected Peruvian Paso yearling. He taught me to trust those
you love, always ask questions and be brave when asked. Above all always be kind and trustworthy. Our journey
together only lasted 15 years. Due to severe arthritis and DSL we made the decision he needed to be in a place
where he could be free. That was 2 years ago. I still miss him dearly and even though I have a new friend....there
will never be another Baillar. The necklace you made will be a constant reminder of his lessons.

Thanks again for doing what you do, Deana
Ivy, Sarah and I wanted to let you know how much we love our bracelets.  What a wonderful
way to keep our beloved horses close to us on a daily basis. We never take them off.  I often
find myself stroking the braids and remembering the great joy those horses gave us.  Luke,  
Comet, Tonka, and Dollar....Each one so different but so special in his own way.

You patiently listened with quiet compassion while I cried through the story of each one of our
boys.  I had been saving the hair from Luke and Tonka for many years, waiting to find
someone I could trust to make just the right keepsake.  When I met you I knew you were the

Thank you, Ivy, for creating these truly unique bracelets.  Your skill and talent is amazing.  My
friends are impressed and hope to one day be able to remember their horses in the same way.

Many thanks again and May God Bless You.

Cheryl and Sarah Sheetz
Ft. Lupton, Colorado
Luke, Dollar, Comet & Tonka
Luke, Dollar, Comet, Tonka Bracelets
Foxy & Kim

When I was 10 years old Toby was given to me as a birthday present. From that day he was my best
friend and my companion. We showed together for 10 years and then enjoyed trail rides and sunny
days just hanging out in the field. This past August he passed away. I knew that I wanted something
that would remind me of my best friend everyday. After lots of thought and looking through all the
options I knew one of your bracelets was exactly what I needed. I received my bracelet from you on my
birthday which would have been mine and Toby's 16 year anniversary together. It was the  most
special gift I could have ever received. Thank you so much for my bracelet and for getting it to me so
quickly. I love how the bracelet is wide enough that it shows all the varition in Toby's tail and the
spacer with his name engraved on it just finishes it! You have wonderful products at such a
reasonable price! Thank you again!

Hello, It has been a pleasure working with IM Silver.  I was kept informed from
the time they received my horsehair until the finished product was in the mail.  
This gave me assurance that the jewelry was being completed in a timely
manner and made me feel like an important customer.  The jewelry is
beautiful, woven perfectly and the original hand tooled silver is
ONE-OF-A-KIND.  I have placed 3 orders so far and hope to place more in the
future.  Thank you, Ivy.

Sincerely, Ann Schlater
IM Silver Custom Order
IM Silver Custom Order
A friend of mine told me about IM Silver, her craftsmanship and how wonderful she was to work with. Per his recommendation,
my boyfriend Reed and I collected horse hair to send to Ivy for a Mother's Day jewelry gift. We did not provide much time for Ivy
to work on this, but her turn around time was fantastic. She thoroughly communicated with us to ensure the jewelry was made to
our liking and it was beautiful. Our mothers were ecstatic with the sentiment of the gift! They love the personalization and
thinking of their horses and children each time they wear the jewelery. We couldn't be happier with her work! ~ Katie Davis
King, Aidah, MoCo &  Baby
Katie & Luminaire
King, Aidah, MoCo &  Baby
King, Aidah, MoCo & Baby
Reed & Aidah
MoCo & King
Reed, MoCo
& King
My daughter and I met Ivy at the Horse Expo in Denver. We spent
a good part of two days visiting with her at her booth. My daughter
had designed a pendant to attach to a necklace Ivy would make
with Garfield's tail. She had Garfield for 22 years and he had
recently passed away at age 28. We both felt lost and sad without
him. Ivy helped us in our grieving process. She is a kind and
compassionate woman. That kindness and compassion goes into
her work. My daughter and I have 4 incredible pieces of Ivy's
work. We never take them off. It gives us the feeling Garfield is
still somehow with us. We have recommended her to friends and
they have ordered pieces from her. They have been enthusiastic
about the quality of her work and pleased with their pieces. Ivy will
forever be in our hearts.
Janet Nugent
Liz and Garfield
Liz's Garfield Necklace
and Janet's Bracelet
Janet's Garfield
My dad being a jeweler was the one that chose Ivy to design my special pieces of my beloved horse Brandy.  Out of all
the artisans he believed she had the most professional looking web site, very reasonably priced for what she does and
the quality was exceptional.

I enjoyed working with Ivy very much.  She was kind and compassionate as I told her about Brandy and how I lost her.  
She was able to help me chose the right pieces to honor my horses memory.  

I received my pieces a few days ago and loved them so much that I am sending Ivy some strands of tail from my new
horse to make a bracelet.

Thank you so much for what you do.
Karen Wischow
Ellington CT
Karen & Brandy
Aziza Star
Aziza Star
Aziza Star
IM Silver Custom Order
Chester & Verdi
Serendipity Story 3: Horsehair
It’s hard to lose a horse. Autumn’s Cinco had recovered but we almost lost him this spring to colic. My horse, Saturday, had since then broken his leg and is
buried in the back pasture. Ken and Val, just a day prior to my trip to Colorado, had lost their beloved lead mare, Bert.
Day two of my trip, Jan brought 2 small packages for me to take home. One for Autumn and one for me. Birthday gifts that I could open now or later, but if I
did, I would know what Autumn’s gift was. I decided to wait.
The last afternoon on my trip, I drove to town determined to do some casual shopping in Gunnison. Downtown Gunnison has lots of photography, jewelry,
antique, gift and art gallery stores.
The next to last store I ventured in was one of the many art galleries on the street. I gravitated immediately to a display with gorgeous, yet delicately woven
horsehair necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
The artist conisidentally happened to be there checking on her booth, Ivy McNulty. As I drooled and ogled her work and began to pick items off in a cluster of
excitement to take a closer examination, Ivy came over.
We began a polite conversation about her work which turned into:
“I used to live here, I’m a Spann” “I’m a Paloni” “I have a sister here, Jan” “Oh, yes I know Jan.”
“I have a horse that recently died” “What was his name?” “Saturday” “You could send me some of his hair?”
Ivy had to go and I picked out 3 silver sets of earrings for Autumn, Abbey and myself.
It was time to get home and pack for the airport, but not before I showed Dad my great purchases and mention to him that with Ken and Val’s recent loss of Bert, this horsehair braiding
would be so perfect. He smiled and agreed.
Back in Tulsa, I was awakened early the next morning by a text ding from Jan. I rolled off the couch at Abbey’s apartment and read “you’d better open your present…”
It was a horsehair necklace made by Ivy from Saturday’s hair and the silver pendent had his name engraved on the back! I squealed and cried and laughed in amazement. John had sent
Saturday’s hair several weeks ago upon the horse’s death to Jan. Jan had already given me the necklace BEFORE I wandered into the store. And…I had unknowingly bought myself
scroll earrings to match.
Ivy and Jan had been frantically texting back and forth thinking I would send more horsehair. Such a fun story!
The other package for Autumn contained a necklace from Cinco’s hair. And…I had unknowingly bought Autumn floral earrings to match.
Everyone had been in on the gift, John, Jan, Lee and Ivy. Serendipity at its best!
Sandy Ankenman
Hi Ivy,

About a month ago you made this bracelet for me. I know you asked for some
pics to put on your face book page of the horses. The pic of me galloping the
horse, his name is Ridge and he passed away from colic. The pic of me doing
dressage is the horse I have now Paddy.

Thank you so much again I love it. Have had many compliments all ready.

Thanks, Cassie Ball
Paddy & Ridge
Paddy & Rigde
Met Ivy and her husband at the NFR 2014, she had a beautiful booth with her braided and silver work. I bought a Horse hair braided necklace. Came home cut off hair from my horses
tails and mailed off. We spoke and she was a pleasure to deal with. Will be ordering more as time goes on.
Thank you Ivy

Hi Ivy,
I received my bracelets in the mail today, and they are exquisite.  The workmanship is breathtaking and I am delighted with the
wonderful way of honoring my best friend of 26 years.
Chevy was simply the best horse I ever owned and ever rode.   We spent many hours together just enjoying the sights and sounds
of nature, riding lazily through hills and woods.  When I lost Chevy, I was stunned and heartbroken.  Vital and alive one minute -
gone three hours later.  When I made the decision to let him go, my vet asked about cutting some of his tail hair.  While I had done
the same for owners of horses that had been boarded with us over the years, I could never understand why they would want to.  It
seemed somehow morbid to me.  So, when Dr. Alex inquired, I think I visibly recoiled at the suggestion.  She went to her truck and
showed me a simple braid necklace of her horse's tail that had been done locally, on which she had a photo of the horse on a
medallion,  which hung from her mirror.  I took the braid of Chevy's tail reluctantly, vowing to never deal with it.
A few days later, curiosity got the better of me and I went to the local jewelers to inquire about a bracelet.  I was shown what they
would do, which was not what I wanted.   Disenchanted, I returned home and began my search.   I found you and your wonderful
work on the web.  I was always torn about which of two designs I preferred.  I must commend you for your patience through the
barrage of e-mails that I sent to you.  
Metal color, design, all my questions which you answered promptly and with great care.  I send photos of what I was going to do to
my friend, who had lost her Arab mare 14 years ago, and had her tail hair in her closet since then.  Upon seeing samples of your
work, she drove the 80 miles to meet me, so we could discuss and submit the orders at the same time.  
What I received at the end of this process is the most beautiful tribute to a once in a lifetime horse.   Although I can never replace
my beloved Chevy, now I keep a part of him on my wrist along with in my heart.   Thank you for that gift.  I have put his remaining
hair in a safe place, as I plan to have a double bracelet made of him and our remaining horse, Jack, when his time comes.
I cannot thank you enough for your talent, your patience, and your care.
Monica Scotti

In June of 2013 my mare, Star, was diagnosed with an acute case of EPM. Two months later she lost the
use of her back legs and I was forced to let her go. I cannot express the depth of my sorrow and was
devastated by the loss of my best friend. I had purchased Star as a two-year old and she was very healthy
at twenty-seven. I rarely missed a day at the barn with her and felt as though a huge part of my life was
gone. My vet recommended cutting some of her tail hair and, all this time, I simply haven’t been able to
part with it. However, I was given a gift certificate for Ivy’s work at Christmas and received my pieces just
the other day. What a blessing Ivy has been! Her craftsmanship is simply beautiful and I was so comforted
by her compassion and patience when working with me – she truly understands the depth of one’s
relationship with their horse. I cannot thank her enough for these treasured pieces – now my tears of
sadness mix with those of joy.

Nancy Ozburn
Nancy and Star
I was there when Josh was born in 1985 and we are looking forward to celebrating his 30th birthday on Memorial Day 2015.  To say he
is a significant force/individual in my life and the lives of others is an understatement.  He has been my constant companion through all
of life's ups and down since I was 12.  That is a lot of living!  He was also my learning buddy through veterinary school.  What he taught
me has benefited many others.  
I originally got connected to Ivy when a client gave me a gratitude gift because she said I was one of the few who understood the
connection she had with her horse.  I understood it because of my relationship with Josh.  Her gift to me was a bracelet of Josh's hair
that she wanted me to enjoy everyday while he is still alive.  The gift was especially touching because she coordinated the acquisition
of Josh’s tail hair with my husband who was in on the surprise! I wear this bracelet daily as a symbol of the privilege of having such a
relationship (I call him my once in a lifetime horse) and the honor of being a veterinarian to care for others as I would care for my own.   
Ivy has crafted several bracelets and a necklace from Joshua's tail hair.  My most recent purchase was a Josh bracelet for a friend who
has been Josh's second Mom for more than 10 years.  She loves him like I do! Not only are these pieces beautiful, they also have so
much meaning behind them.  Thanks Ivy!
This is a photo of Josh under saddle at 24 years young and him enjoying a beautiful Colorado spring day a few weeks shy of his 30th
birthday.  He just retired at the end of summer 2015.  What a guy!
All my best,
Josh at 30
Josh & Christine
Dear Ivy...The day I lost my "Miss T", June 5th, 2013, will forever be one of the saddest days of my life.  She
was 25 years old and had been with me for 21 of those years.  We spent every one of those days together.   
A beautiful pure white, purebred Arabian mare, she was a champion western pleasure horse, my daughter's
4-H horse, a wonderful mama to her two beautiful foals, my "heart horse" and my soul mate.  Our new barn
and fence was built for her...only the best, she lived a wonderful life with us and was the queen of her
domain!  I lost her on that beautiful sunny June day from a large internal melanoma.  She went peacefully
and is buried under her favorite apple tree!  Stuck her tail hair away in a cupboard and just couldn't even
look at it for almost two years! I knew I wanted something very special made and when I came upon your
website and saw your beautiful jewelry, you were the one to send her precious tail to!  I received my
treasures last week...they are so beautiful!  I will be forever grateful to you for these wonderful gifts from my
sweet mare.  I thank you so very, very much.  When I wear my necklace, a little piece of my "Miss T" will be
close to my heart forever.  Although I miss her each and every day...how blessed I was to have had her in my
life and blessed to have found you!  Miss T's beautiful light will shine on forever in your jewelry!  Teri
Miss T
Miss T
Miss T
Hi Ivy. The bracelet that you made for my friend is absolutely gorgeous!  I took a
leap of faith after finding your website online and you did not disappoint me.
You were prompt with answers to my questions and your turnaround time was
extremely quick. The bracelet is truly a work of art that my friend will cherish
forever! I've already referred you to my many horse friends in NJ.
Thanks again,
Hi Ivy,

My bracelet arrived yesterday. I love it. It is perfect. I am so
grateful that you do this type of work (art really)! I'm so happy with
the quality and attention to detail. I am sure I will have you make
other pieces in the future. I have already passed your name along
to a friend who I showed it to yesterday when it arrived. I
appreciate your professionalism and communication throughout
the process.

Best Wishes,
Karen H
Karen & McGinty
All designs Copyright IM Silver.
IM Silver

Ivy,  The pendant is beautiful!!  Troi loves and it.  It
looks great.  The hat band is great.  I love the
Brand HH within the hat band.  It is great the I got to
use my horse hair for Scout.  Scout is a Missouri fox
trotter that I use for Des Moines Mounted Patrol.

Dave M

Hi Ivy. After referring you to many friends, it was finally my turn!  I received my
beautiful bracelet this weekend!  So bittersweet after losing Waylan (29 years
old) just about 4 weeks ago.  It I a pleasure to do business with you. Your
craftsmanship and artistry are second to none!  I will truly cherish my bracelet
forever❤!  Thank You!  Maris
I am so very happy with my horse hair bracelet.  I have been wearing it
every day.  We had to say goodbye to our horse Lilo, last October 2015.  
She was an amazing horse.  She lived a wonderful life, she taught both of
our boys (now ages 16 and 21) how to ride when they were younger.  
Lilo helped me pass a Therapeutic Riding Certification test in 2009.  
What a wonderful way to remember her everyday, with my bracelet made
by Ivy.  The craftsmanship of the bracelet is beautiful, and Ivy was so
great to work with.

Thank you,

Jane H
Thanks for that info. I'm really excited about the buckle. When I saw the package at the post
office and saw it was from you I felt like a kid that had received one of those prize toys you
could get from a cereal box when I was kid That was a big deal. I always like looking at
engraving on silver jewelry. Yours is special in that it not only catches my eye but I find myself
being drawn into the piece and following the cuts loops and swirls as if I was following the
contours of a topo map but I have no destination in mind. It is truely a work of art I will enjoy
John B

Thank you, Ivy, for making such a stunning piece from my AliBaba' tail hair. Just
shy of his 26th birthday, on March 10, 2016, my handsome boy unexpectedly and
quickly passed away leaving me with an aching heart and a huge hole in my life.
For 17 years he and I were a team - sometimes I was in charge and sometimes he
was but it never failed; if I'd had a bad day, all I had to do was go to the barn and
all was right in my world again.

I have gotten so many complements on the necklace and when I tell people what it
is made from, more often than not it brings tears to their eyes because it's such a
beautiful memento of him. It brings me great comfort knowing that every time I put
it on, I still have a little bit of him with me. Thank you for bringing a little bit of
Peace to a lost soul.

Gail & AliBaba
Thanks for the work you have done for me.  The
piece you made for my shoulder bag looks great!

The work on the two bracelets I ordered was absolutely gorgeous.

I ordered two bracelets, one for myself and one for a friend.  Working with Ivy couldn't have
been easier.  All correspondence was quick and accurate and it took a very short time to
receive the bracelets.  

I highly recommend IM Silver if you would like to keep a part of your horse with you always.

Desert Horse Ranch
I received my personalized necklace from Ivy at IM Silver and I am super happy with it!  She
managed to used all my 5 horses hair in the braided necklace and  then put all tail hair of the 5 plus
the tail hair of my 2 miniature donkeys in the beautiful amulet.  It is a stunning piece and so
meaningful for me!

My herd is a hard working group of therapy horses and donkeys. They provide invaluable support
for many of my clients. I feel blessed that I can carry them with me now wherever I go.

Pia Jansen, MSW, EAGALA advanced certified "UNBRIDLED" equine assisted learning and

My jewelry arrived and it’s amazingly beautiful! Thank you so much!!!!  I absolutely love it.  

I posted photos to my Facebook page and tagged your Facebook page and your website.  All my
horsey friends are jealous so I’m telling them to have one made from their horse’s hair!  Hopefully
I’m sending lots of business your way.

Thank you again!!!!