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Horsehair Jewelry & Hand Engraved Silver Jewelry

Custom jewelry

Beautiful Keepsakes

Horse hair Jewelry by IM Silver features hair from your treasured horse, to create unique beautiful keepsakes. All horsehair jewelry is braided by Ivy
McNulty. Our horsehair jewelry is adorned with silver, hand engraved by Ivy McNulty.

IM Silver offers the finest sterling silver and bronze in both original hand engraved and casted designs by Ivy McNulty.  No templates are used, all hand engraved pieces are unique and one of a kind.  Special orders welcome using brands, logos or initials.

IM Silver Horsehair Jewelry

Horsehair Jewelry

Horsehair Jewelry custom made with your special horse’s hair or Ready-Made with horsehair that I provide.

IM Silver Silversmithing


Custom order or Ready-Made Silver Jewelry. Custom silversmithing for items such as belt buckles, jewelry, royalty crowns, and more.

Collecting Horsehair for your custom jewelery

Custom Orders

Special orders welcomed using your horse’s hair,  elk ivories, brands, logos, or initials.  Whatever makes a piece of jewelry unique and one of a kind to you.

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Collecting Horsehair

Wondering How to Collect Your Horse’s Hair for a custom piece?  Click the button below to find out!

Loving Tribute to Your Treasured Horse

Care, Cleaning & Shaping

Learn how to properly care for and shape your breathtaking one-of-a-kind horsehair jewelry.

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IM Silver2 months ago
At the Better Barrel Races in Oklahoma City April 23-28. Booth 15 in the Coliseum. Open 10am to 8pm daily. Come say Hi and bring your horsehair and place your special order.
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Visit IM Silver in galleries and at shows. Contact us to create a custom piece of horsehair jewelry and hand engraved silver to remember your special horse.

Please allow 6-8 weeks on orders.