IM Silver Conchos & Pendants

Hand Engraved By Ivy McNulty
Hand crafted quality, one piece at a time.

IM Silver Conchos & Pendants

Original Casted and Hand Engraved Conchos, by Ivy McNulty (IM Silver)

Please Note:  The pictures below are examples of conchos that I have engraved in the past. There are 4 IM Silver original designs casted.  All other Conchos are hand-engraved, no templates are used. Custom engraving is welcomed. Conchos may vary.  All designs Copyright IM Silver.

IM Silver Conchos are available in 4 sizes (1/2″, 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″).  There are other sizes and shapes available upon request.  Special engraving is available, including names and dates.  Special letter engraving is $2.00 per line.  Please contact IM Silver with any questions

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Custom Concho & Pendant Gallery

The following pictures are CUSTOM ORDERS and examples only.  If you would like to have a similar piece made please CONTACT Ivy to inquire about prices and options.

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Please allow 6-8 weeks on orders.