IM Silver Horsehair Jewelry

Your Horsehair or Mine
Hand crafted quality, one piece at a time.

IM Silver Horsehair Jewelry

Whether you spell it “horsehair” or “horse hair”, it is undeniable that this is special jewelry.  Horsehair Jewelry by IM Silver features tail hair from your treasured horse to create beautiful keepsakes.  All horsehair jewelry is braided by Ivy McNulty.  IM Silver’s horsehair jewelry is adorned with silver that is hand engraved by Ivy McNulty.

PLEASE NOTE:  IM Silver offers jewelry that is handmade.  Designs may vary from piece to piece.  Custom pieces and ready-made jewelry are priced differently.   SHOPPING CART PRICES ARE FOR READY-MADE JEWELRY, MADE WITH HORSEHAIR PROVIDED BY IM SILVER.  PRICES FOR CUSTOM MADE PIECES USING YOUR HORSE’S HAIR ARE LISTED IN ITEM DESCRIPTION.

Horsehair Keychain By IM Silver

Horsehair Accessories

Key chains, tassels, hat bands, & more.

Horsehair Earrings By IM Silver

Horsehair Earrings

3 stylish options
to choose from. 

Horsehair Bracelets By IM Silver

Horsehair Bracelets

Many gorgeous styles and sizes of horsehair bracelets.

Horsehair Necklace By IM Silver

Horsehair Necklaces

Braided horsehair

Horsehair Hair Barrettes by IM SIlver

Horsehair Barrettes

Beautiful accents
for your hair.

Horsehair Bracelets By IM Silver

Horsehair Pendants

Beautiful pendants with inlaid horsehair.




PLEASE send the LONGEST TAIL HAIR possible.

Collecting Horsehair

Horsehair Collection

Wondering How to Collect Your Horse’s Hair for a custom piece?  Click the button below to find out!

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Visit IM Silver in galleries and at shows. Contact us to create a custom piece of horsehair jewelry and hand engraved silver to remember your special horse.

Please allow 6-8 weeks on orders.